Two individuals one task: completing a 20,500 mile journey on a bicycle! We are Adam Robertson from America and Denise Wieferink from The Netherlands. On the 15th of May 2018 we will have quit our jobs and start this unique experience. With our journey we want to raise money to reduce deforestation. We would like to take you with us on our journey through our blogposts. We look forward to reading your comments and receiving your questions.


Hi!  My name is Adam Robertson, and I was born and raised in the small town of Springfield, Kentucky.  I have been living the past three years nestled against Flathead Lake surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Lakeside, Montana, which is also where I met the Dutch Cycling Queen, Denise Wieferink.  My cycling story isn't as profound as Denise's, but I'm working on that! 

My biking story began while I was a child when my father brought me home an old hand-me-down bike that he had gotten from my older cousin, which was a girl, so the bike happened to be painted the prettiest shades of pink and white.  I remember my dad teaching me how to ride that bike all up and down Walnut Street, and eventually I got a better bike that took me all around Springfield over the next ten or so years!  Well like any other typical 16 year old American, I bid farewell to my trusty transport of two wheels and swapped it for a car. 

It took about ten more years, that flew by, and a move across the whole United States before I found myself on a bicycle again.  All it took was a little convincing from Denise.  After a bit more convincing she talked me into doing my next spontaneous adventure: Cycle the Extremes; Bike from Alaska to Argentina; Wear out my legs just to give my ass a ride!  An insane journey but I'm all in!  Especially since we're going to do it for a good cause.  I'm willing to leave my job and everything else behind for over a year to accomplish this with her and to make sure she doesn't run off to go hug a Grizzly Bear.    


Hello there! I'm Denise, 27 years old and have lived most of my life in the flattest country of the world; The Netherlands. As every Dutch citizen I was probably able to cycle before I could even walk. Nowadays cycling is still my main way to travel. Three times a week I get on my bicycle to work, which is about 44 miles a day. I work as a physical therapist in an academic hospital in Amsterdam. Enabling patients to participate in society again brings me much joy everyday. Every milestone I accomplish together with the patient such as sitting, standing and walking feels like a small victory. But my work also has shown me that a human life can be short and that dreams should not be pushed forward in the future. 

Two years ago I started dreaming about cycling from one of the most northern points in Alaska to the most southern point in Argentina. This idea all started in 2016 when I was on a cycling holiday in Italy with my dad. My dad and I where doing one-day tours with the speed bike out of our hotel and the same day that we were going up the Stelvio, hundreds of race cyclists passed me. Later I found out that there was a time trail going on for an organized tour. The tour had started off at a southern point in Italy and was biking back to England. Impressed as I was by their tour I wanted to do something like that too one day! Back home from our cycling holiday I bought a book for my dad "Americans don't cycle". Although it was a gift for my dad I was the first one that finished the book. I couldn't stop reading about this Dutch couple that cycled from the East Coast to the West Coast in North America. And inspired as I was, I wanted to do that too! No, I wanted to do more! I wanted to visit more then one country and decided to rotate the route a quarter and cycle from the north to the south of the America's. A route of roughly 20,500 mile.

So in about three months I'm going to trade my normal life in for 1.5 year of bike traveling. Being the physical therapist among us two I will try help prevent injuries. In exchange I feel like Adam could teach me a thing or two when it comes down to camping in the wilderness. And while he will be putting up a bear-proof campsite I'm gonna do what I'm passionate about... Cooking! And although there is not a lot of space to bring stuff on our bikes, I think some paper and a couple pencils will fit somewhere in my packs. So maybe not a photo but a drawing will be attached to some of our blogposts.
Beside the fact that this seems like a wonderful challenge, I am really looking forward to being outdoors and enjoying nature for 1.5 year together with Adam.