Preparing the trip

Cycling the extremes

I’m gonna do it, no more doubt. From Deadhorse to Ushuaia. From one of the most northern points in Alaska to one of the most southern points in Argentina, on a bicycle…
Who is going to join me? I don’t know…
What I’m up to? 20,500 miles.
If you need to be crazy for that? Probably.
It will be hard to find someone who is crazy enough to join me on this journey. But without a doubt there is somebody out there who can be convinced. The hard part is that most people cannot leave everything behind for 1.5 year. Also I have to leave everything behind. Tomorrow I’m going to tell my teamleader at work about my adventurous plan. Besides that he will probably need a minute to collect himself again, I’m sure that he would expect anything less from me.
Three years ago I started my dream job in an academic hospital. Daily I rehabilitate patients. I help them regain their ability to stand and walk after being critical ill. To reach those milestones together with a patient is magical every time. But my job also have shown me that a human life is short. You need to fulfill your dreams before it’s too late. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do! It’s time to reach my own milestone, cycling the extremes.


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