Preparing the trip

Getting prepared.. But how?

How do I get prepared for this? Honestly, I don’t know.. Can you get prepared for something like this? Of course you can read books and tips from bloggers who previously did something like this. You can get the best gear there is. Make sure that you already have covered a lot of miles. But how to get mentally prepared?
A question that constantly runs through my mind is; “do I have what it takes to complete this trip?” It makes me insecure. Why would a Dutch girl without any survival experience be able to conquer the wilderness of Alaska, armed with a bicycle and tent. Not even mentioning about all the other bumps along the road, literally and figuratively.
But then I hear my mom in the back of my mind saying; “What’s in your head, is not your ass”. A Dutch saying which suits me well, it stands for: “Once your mind is set on something, it’s set for good”. But I guess like the Dutch way of saying it more. Anyway, that sentence makes me realize I can do it. It’s not gonna be my persistence, but the cold that’s gonna be my biggest enemy. I could describe myself as a cactus, feeling comfortable in high temperatures where many others would kick the bucket. Despite this ability, May 2018 I will start in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Where it will be below freezing point around that time of year. But the huge advance is the mosquito season havent started yet AND that I will cycle with summer weather through Canada and America.

To be honest there is still so much to prepare that I don’t know where to start. With 10 bicycles in the garage but non suitable for this kind of journey, even the bike needs to be bought. But were do you need to pay attention to when you buy the bike? My motto; “What isn’t on the bike, cannot brake and doesn’t need to be repaired”. Admitted, I’m quite untechnical. Luckily for me there are bicycle reparation workshops for world travellers offered here in Amsterdam. You even receive a bicycle reparation book. I guess I have to cherish that book along the road.
Then after the workshop, you of course need practice at home on your own bike.. Which I don’t have yet. Walking in to my usual bicycle store to get information about the kind of bike I needed. They guy who always helps (and always is a little bit too happy to see me) was knocked off his feet. Casually dropping that I was still searching for someone to join me on my journey, he kindly turned my offer down. Way to scary and way too far away for way too long. Well, I guess I’m also still looking for someone to join me.

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