Preparing the trip

Mountains, wind and packs

The beautiful thing about Holland is that it is totally flat. Your only enemy is the headwind (and rain.. lots of rain). In my opinion I experience headwind way more often than tailwind. I wonder if other cyclists experience this too. Maybe even the cyclists coming from the opposite direction… Next year I do not only have the well known headwind, I will also have to go up mountains, with heavy packs. From Canada to Mexico I will love and hate the route I have chosen that follows the Rocky Mountains. Hoping that the stunning views of this long stretched mountain range will make me forget all the muscle pain.

Concerning muscle pain.. An important component of muscle pain is the weight you have to bring up the mountain. Every kilo counts. Nowadays I add ‘lightweight’ to every google search about camping gear. And the weight of all the gear I bought so far, was carefully compared with other brands. I guess my love for cookies throughout the years didn’t really contribute to the concept of lightweight traveling.


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